What to Wear on a First Date

So, you have made an online connection, chosen the venue and you are now ready for the date. Except you do not have a clue what to wear.  There are a few rules to follow that can help ease those long stares into the back of your wardrobe. Follow these and enjoy your date!

  1. Think comfort. During the date, it is important to be focused on your other half rather than worrying about tripping over your maxi dress or flip flops. If you dress comfortably, then it is a lot easier to remain relaxed and calm.
  2. Don’t try too hard. It could be quite easy to turn up to that restaurant dressed as though you are about to approach the runway at London Fashion Week. Remember, the date was set up as you both had some things in common. Therefore, unless you have bagged a date with a fashion editor, leave the Alexander McQueen’s at home and tone it down.
  3. Big jewellery is a fashionable trend at the moment. Big jangly bracelets, huge chandelier earrings and chunky metal necklaces really are in vogue. The problem comes when your potential boyfriend starts to become a little fed up with the clattering of wood and metal. It can be disconcerting for the most tolerant of people.
  4. Sometimes less is more. This means that although the most revealing outfits can be flattering, they also may terrify potential suitors. By dressing in a cool but reserved fashion, you are storing the va va voom outfits for later in your dating future.
  5. High Heels. These are a very popular choice with women. They elongate the legs, give boosts of confidence to the wearers and create a fabulous silhouette. However, there is a downside to these shoes. They can make the wearer tower above their companion which may not be a positive thing on a first date! Stick to flats or modest heels and you will not even need to navigate anything remotely tricky in those six inch platform wedges. Save them for later dates when all you have to worry about is looking fabulous!
  6. Comfort.The most important thing about choosing your outfit is that you feel good wearing it. If you wear something that looks amazing but makes you walk like a Geisha, you will not be comfortable. A first date is nerve wracking enough without worrying about your clothing. If you want to feel confident and relaxed, choose comfort. It is much more attractive to be confident and relaxed than wearing a new pair of heels that you cannot walk in!


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