Top Romantic Mini-Breaks

new york romantic trip

Let’s look into the future and imagine that your dating life is going very well. By using Christiandating it is quite likely that you have met a rather appealing person and you have some romance in your life. One of the treats that you can look forward to is the mini break! Finding a companion is a chance to widen your horizons and participate in some travelling. The time has come to dust off your passport, grab some cheap flights and head for some spectacular destinations.

Rome really is a fascinating city. The religious history of the Italian capital is unique and offers many opportunities to couples to enjoy some of the finer things in life. A trip to the Vatican is a must and when you have had your fill of staring at the Sistine Chapel there is so much more to do. Throw three coins in the Trevi fountain to guarantee that you will return to Roma. Why not indulge in some serious people watching from a cafe? Do not forget to indulge in the most delicious ice cream in the world. Dinner is always a treat in Italy and if you are feeling adventurous, why not wander away from the tourist trail and find a local eatery.

London has so much more to offer than the usual tourist haunts. If you would like to try something a little bit different on your weekend away, try heading to the East End. You might like to start by having a wander around St Paul’s Cathedral as it is a sight to behold. Then maybe a picnic lunch over the river at the Tate Modern. A short hop for the afternoon in Brick Lane – have a look at the coolest places in London and then treat yourself to one of Brick Lane’s famous Indian meals. Such a day in London would surely create some precious memories with your date.

New York makes for a very interesting destination for a mini break. The city is fast paced and full of energy. A romantic walk around Central Park is a must – there is always some street entertainment there and the park itself is a film set. Each season has its own merits in New York, although winter can be chilly there. It is possible to eat from every corner of the globe in New York and also at any time of day or night. It is a shopping mecca but there is also a spiritual side to New York. The Ground Zero Memorial brings all faiths together in the moving tribute to those lost in 9/11. St Patricks Cathedral on Madison Avenue attracts millions of visitors each year and offers an opportunity for some quiet contemplation. New York is a trip worth taking.

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