The Most Romantic Couples of all Time

After becoming a member of Christiandating, you are well on your way to finding your other half. If you are feeling a little nervous about this, then look no further. The most romantic couples of all time will inspire you and perhaps give hope to those who need it. Although some are fictitious, their stories were almost believable. Take on some inspiration and enjoy the ride!

Danny Zuko and Sandy Olssen were the two great romantic game players in Grease the movie. They proved that a great love was worth fighting for and love will out. Grab your hair grease and stilettos and find your motivation in this wonderful movie.

Elizabeth and Mr Darcey’s courtship could melt even the coldest of hearts. Her initial distaste of Mr Darcey was rather amusing and then the slow drawn out build up to the romance was a truly stunning piece of romantic film. She really caught her man with a “playing hard to get” attitude!

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were the irresistible darlings of Harry Potter fame. They built their love on an enduring friendship and unconditional support of each other.  Audiences the world over sensed the feisty Hermione had a soft spot for the red headed comedian and trusty friend of Mr Potter from the start. Aim for a friendship and see what develops, the worst thing to happen is that you could make a friend for life.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were the glamorous couple in film and real life. Always dramatic in their courtship (divorce and remarriage included) they thrived on the passion of their union.  They met and fell in love on the set of Cleopatra, despite the fact that they were both married! Maybe the moral of the story here is that when you find “the one”, there is no escaping it!

Prince William and Kate have captured the world’s attention. The Royal Wedding really did catch the nation’s imagination. They met at university and, despite a brief break up, became man and wife in a spectacular ceremony earlier this year. Another case of two people becoming friends to create a wonderful union.

Whilst we are on a royal theme, how about Princess Grace of Monaco and Prince Rainier. She was a beautiful movie star and he was the prince of the wealthy independent stat of Monaco. It was almost Cinderella all over again. The moral here should be that your backgrounds do not matter – if you fit then you fit!

The ultimate romantic couple is Romeo and Juliet. They were, of course , ill fated lovers but they fought for their love. The tragedy was that they came from different families who would not accept them as a couple and this consequently led to their untimely demise.  Stay true to your heart and perhaps love will blossom!