Safety Tips for Online Dating

When you meet someone on, there are important safety issues to follow when meeting someone for the first time.

The first issue to think about is how much information should you give to your potential date at the beginning of your relationship?  You should really withhold any personal information until much further down the line. Building trust slowly with any potential dates is important. Even if you feel that you have a connection with someone, slow down and at least meet them before revealing personal details such as your address. With only a small amount of personal information, such as your home phone number, it is easy to access your home address. If you give out your first and last name, then it is even possible to determine where you work. My advice is clear – do not give out your personal details until you have met the person and feel comfortable with them.

Use a reputable dating service like “” in order to increase your security. Some free online dating services do not hold any information about the clients that can be verified. For instance, credit card details are the usual prerequisite where the company then have verified details about the client. Keep your business with professionals.

That first date always holds so many potential promises but do not lose track of your safety. Meet your date in a public place. Persuade a friend to go with you. It is essential that someone knows exactly where you are and when you will return. Meeting for a coffee in the day is a favourite. No alcohol to soften the senses and broad daylight is a really sensible place to start your journey.

Keeping away from those that are married is easier said than done. Look out for the person that only gives you their mobile phone number, who does not post a photograph. They may be very sketchy about their family and their childhood. A married person might prefer to call you from their workplace or at set times when it is safe for them to do so.

After meeting someone for the first time, it is important to assess how the person seemed. For instance, think about the body language used by your date. Was he/she tense? Were they consistent in the content of their conversation?  Did they look like the photos on the website? Use your judgement and if anything feels wrong, keep away.

Internet dating is an everyday phenomenon and has happy endings all the time. By using simple skills and having an awareness of your personal safety, then you might be the next person to find a happy ending.