Romantic Hints for Men

It has been said that British men are dreadful at the art of romance.  In comparison studies with other European nations, the British men came last in the romance stakes. It seems that they believed that the way to influence a woman’s heart was by buying expensive presents and lingerie.

The European chaps were far more communicative about their emotions and got extra points for declaring their feelings.

The following list will certainly give male members a few ideas and if you are female, why not print a copy and casually leave it lying on the coffee table!


  1. Make her a compilation tape of the music that is special to her.  This could be her favourite hymns or even the music that played during a first date. The key to this being successful is that it must be personal to the person that you are giving the music to.
  2. Picnics are a romantic and cost effective way to impress. Why not arrange to meet in her lunch hour and surprise her with a picnic? This is guaranteed to make her swoon.
  3. Whilst on the subject of work, you could do worse than send the lady in question a bouquet of flowers at work. Its a great way of publically declaring your feelings.
  4. Romantic poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea but a surprise gift of a book of romantic poems would certainly earn you a gold star. If that seems too obvious, go for a book on love letters during the war etc. By letting your guard down and taking an emotional leap of faith, you may reap the rewards.
  5. When the wind is blowing or there’s a snap of unexpected cold weather, why not offer your coat to the lucky lady. It’s a gesture sure to create a romantic feeling.
  6. Romantic notes are not just for the creative writers out there, a note left for your sweetheart might only need three little words to convey your feelings. Take the plunge and take a chance – you never know what wonderful things may happen as a result.
  7. Text messages. These can be incredibly useful when attempting to express your feelings. Text messages are easy to do and they give the texter that all important space. You can think about what you want to say and perhaps you can be a little braver in expressing yourself than you would in person. Even if you are not in that place where declaring your undying love would be appropriate, then say goodnight or thank her for the date. A kind message is always appreciated so go for it!


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