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Fabulous Gifts for Men

Further to our perfect gift for women post, Men like to receive a gift as much as women. A token of your affection can earn you serious brownie points. However, this will only happen if the gift is appropriate and well thought out . Use some of the following ideas and surprise your date with an unforgettable present.

  1. Magazine subscription.  This surely is the gift that keeps on giving as most subscriptions are for a year or six months. Men usually have an interest or hobby.  If you cannot pinpoint their speciality then you could try a magazine such as “G.Q.” as it covers many different topics. If your date has a specialist hobby e.g. scuba diving, then a subscription to a magazine is usually well received.
  2. Music.  Men often enjoy listening to music, some prefer live music. If this is the case with your man, then a simple but effective idea is to bag some concert tickets. If your budget is tight, then forget the Albert Hall. Try local venues as these often have bands that play in a similar style to successful  bands . This can be a good nights entertainment.
  3. Comedy.  Some comedians are risqué and you may want to do a little research before committing to an evening in their company. You might prefer to try a local venue where nights are often held with  several  up and coming comedians. However, if you want to splash the cash and see an established act, then simply check out all major venues in your area. Continue reading Fabulous Gifts for Men

The Most Romantic Films

Having found someone who ticks all the right boxes on Christiandating.co.uk, the next stage is planning the date.  After a few dates you may be considering a romantic evening at home.  If it is a traditional night in, then what better entertainment than watching a film together? Choose the right film and you might just have the most romantic night of your life.

  1. Sleepless in Seattle. This classic romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks is a certain winner. Its gentle amusing story has just the right combination of romance and comedy to provide you with a night to remember
  2. Brief Encounter. Do not be put off by the black and white nature of this film. The effect is a deeply atmospheric film that is simply beautiful to watch .The main characters embark on a doomed love affair. It is an incredibly romantic and a real classic film
  3. Casablanca. Continue reading The Most Romantic Films

The Perfect Gift for a Woman

The Perfect Gift (For A Woman)

Perfect GiftsIn order to impress your female date, all you need is charm and wit (no pressure then!). An old trick used since time began is to present your date with a token of your affection. Budgets can vary and so the following ideas should be able to suit most budgets.

  1. A rose. Is this tacky? A little but will the lady accept it with a smile? I think so. If you are not a traditionalist, then give her an Orchid, a bunch of Bluebells or even a Sunflower. Do not waste your cash on forecourt flowers, they never impress. If possible buy a single bloom from a florist and watch her face light up.
  2. Chocolates are another option for that romantic gift. I would aim for good quality chocolates rather than a huge box of the more ordinary kind. If you are feeling a little bit creative, a box of homemade strawberries dipped in chocolate would impress any woman!
  3. Jewellery. This could be very expensive if the lady refuses to wear anything but diamonds. However, a really fashionable item of jewellery, such as a group of bracelets, would make a lovely gift and are inexpensive. Shops such as Oliver Bonas, John Lewis or Marks and Spencer should be able to provide you with some excellent gifts.
  4. Books. A book of poetry, a book of love letters or a chic coffee table book of cool photography proves a thoughtful gift. Depending on the age and taste of your date, the above will certainly go down well. When you really feel a connection between the two of you, a special gift could be a Bible. Maybe a copy that has meant something to you in your life or perhaps an aged copy from a vintage bookshop. Continue reading The Perfect Gift for a Woman

First Date Ideas

cinema datesGoing on a first date can be a nerve wrecking experience, especially if you’re new to online christian dating.  Meeting a person for the first time is a tricky business as the all important face to face meeting needs to be in the right place to get the most from your date. The following examples might give you a head start in the dating world.

  1. Restaurant. This has got to be the ultimate location for a first date. After carefully selecting the restaurant – not too flashy but with a relaxed vibe – there is a great opportunity for a successful date. The music won’t be too loud so as to block your witty conversation out and any uneasy moments can be concealed by taking a large gulp of water. The pitfalls of a restaurant have to be the type of restaurant that is chosen. For instance a sushi restaurant may not appeal to everyone. Italian food can be a winner as there is such diversity. However, beware of the spaghetti options – one false move and your lovely outfit will be stained forever! Continue reading First Date Ideas

10 Romantic UK locations for Christian Dating

lindisfarneIf you are a committed Christian looking for a romantic location to take your partner on a date with a difference, the choices are many.

Of course, the Christian couples enjoy wine bars, restaurants, theatres and cinemas as much as anyone else; but there are times when the very nature of location and landscape can heighten the sense of spirituality and create a wonderful feeling of human intimacy overarched by the sense of a nearness to God.

Man’s devotion down the centuries has both shaped our natural landscape and created some extraordinary features within it.

Today, that very devotion still resonates for all those who are able to open their eyes and their hearts to the love which inspired it. Here are just a few of the places which will bring you and your loved one nearer to one another – and nearer to the eternal truth.

Continue reading 10 Romantic UK locations for Christian Dating

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