How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Dating(for Women)

Nobody said that love was easy, the entire music industry is based around the notion that love hurts. However, it might be possible to avoid some of the pitfalls that can signify the end of a relationship and make the course of true love run a little smoother.  Having already joined, you have already identified your needs and have taken a big first step.  Read on and improve your chances even further of meeting The One!

Do not appear desperate! Easier said than done if you have found someone who you think ticks all the right boxes.  Men have spoken about the potential disaster if women are waiting by the phone and are ready to agree with every suggestion made by the male. Be a little aloof. Do not automatically agree to all plans. A great response is to say “I will think about it”, giving you time to breathe and letting the date know that you are not a pushover.

If your date turns out to have a whole truckload of baggage, then resist the urge to fix him. The problem is that many women like to heal their partners, it is an instinctual urge and the Bible often encourages us to help others.  This is fine in moderation but if your potential partner’s problems are beginning to appear as though he will require a lifetime of help, then try to avoid committing.

If you have been disheartened in love, it is easy to get comfortable in your domestic life. This is not attractive. Being active in whatever pursuits that you choose is far better alternative.  Which is more interesting? A person who enjoys art, film and Zumba or a person who enjoys a meal for one in front of Coronation Street? If you invest in yourself, then others will recognise this and respect you for it.

Do not find your first date and then start booking the church. Approach the dating scene as a chance to have fun and broaden your horizons. Find like minded people through this website and then have a great social life. By becoming friends with someone that you meet online, then the relationship might just turn into something special. However, going at full speed and throwing yourself into finding a husband on your second date might just end in tears. The pressure would most likely be too much for any man (unless he was also desperate to find a wife!)

Dating should be a rewarding experience and should lead you down interesting avenues of life. Meeting someone with similar views and a shared faith would be a great start. Let the adventure begin!