First Date Ideas

cinema datesGoing on a first date can be a nerve wrecking experience, especially if you’re new to online christian dating.  Meeting a person for the first time is a tricky business as the all important face to face meeting needs to be in the right place to get the most from your date. The following examples might give you a head start in the dating world.

  1. Restaurant. This has got to be the ultimate location for a first date. After carefully selecting the restaurant – not too flashy but with a relaxed vibe – there is a great opportunity for a successful date. The music won’t be too loud so as to block your witty conversation out and any uneasy moments can be concealed by taking a large gulp of water. The pitfalls of a restaurant have to be the type of restaurant that is chosen. For instance a sushi restaurant may not appeal to everyone. Italian food can be a winner as there is such diversity. However, beware of the spaghetti options – one false move and your lovely outfit will be stained forever!
  2. Cinema. This is a traditional venue that might be just what you are looking for. If you are not much of a conversationalist then the idea of watching a movie could put you at ease. After the film would be a perfect moment to suggest a drink or a bite to Eat. Obviously, the negative side of a cinema trip is the choice of film could really affect the mood of the date. Avoiding all horror movies would be a wise move unless you have prior knowledge of your date’s tastes. If the film is a weepy, then the mood of the date could nosedive. Also, any romcoms could set unrealistic expectations! Be careful in your choice of film and aim for the stars!
  3. Art Gallery. Hopefully, you will have done your homework and found out about any potential admiration for the arts. Walking around an art gallery is a great first date location as it is possible to talk about the exhibits if you are a little shy. Art can be a pretty provocative subject so beware of controversial exhibitions if you yourself are conservative. Also, look out for explicit shows. It could become a little challenging if faced with some art relating to bodyparts, for instance!
  4. Coffee. This is not as boring as it sounds. It’s possible to go for a coffee at any time in the day so it’s a flexible activity. It is in a public place – an important safety factor on a first date. The budget is minimal and the real focus of the date will be conversation.

Enjoy your first date as it could be the beginning of something wonderful. See also our top 10 romantic locations in the UK for further inspiration.


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