First Date Conversation

Dating is supposed to be a fun, interesting activity. The gamble is that you may find a lifelong partner or you may just enjoy an interesting date. If you have not experienced a date in a long time and you are terrified of the prospect of striking up conversation with someone that you have never met, the follow these guidelines and never have to sit through an awkward silence again.

Having met your date online, you will already have some information at your disposal. For instance, you will know what hobbies your date enjoys or even their dislikes. This gives you a huge advantage over those people who blind date. You can use your knowledge to kick-start a stimulating conversation.

Do your homework. You may not have ever been interested in your date’s interests but a quick search online may be all it takes for you gain some knowledge on the subject. Showing some interest in your date will go a long way to making your date a success.

Use your rhythm. Ever noticed when you are chatting with friends or close family, there is a natural rhythm to your chat? This is achieved by feeling at ease and by showing interest in what your friend is saying. It is also achieved by listening to what is being said. You really do not have to talk excessively as it can be terribly unattractive. Let the other person realise that you are listening to what they have to say and repeat some of the phrases that they use. By using active listening skills, your conversation should flow really well.

Body language. If you go for dinner and sit with your arms closed then you are giving a direct signal to the other person that you feel tense and even in a bad mood. If you sit with your arms by your side or even casually resting on a table, then it is a much more “open” position. Eye contact is very important. By looking at your date directly in the eye, you are giving them your full attention and allowing a connection to happen between you both. If your eyes wander around the room whilst your date is in the middle of describing his job to you, then it gives out the signal that you are extremely bored!

Facial expressions. Obviously, do not scowl! Smiling when appropriate can make someone feel instantly at ease. When you are experiencing some predate anxiety, practise your smile and opening sentence so that you are able to be forearmed.

Watch the news. If all else fails then you will know all the current events and discussing those could be a stepping stone towards a very happy date!

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