Fabulous Gifts for Men

Further to our perfect gift for women post, Men like to receive a gift as much as women. A token of your affection can earn you serious brownie points. However, this will only happen if the gift is appropriate and well thought out . Use some of the following ideas and surprise your date with an unforgettable present.

  1. Magazine subscription.  This surely is the gift that keeps on giving as most subscriptions are for a year or six months. Men usually have an interest or hobby.  If you cannot pinpoint their speciality then you could try a magazine such as “G.Q.” as it covers many different topics. If your date has a specialist hobby e.g. scuba diving, then a subscription to a magazine is usually well received.
  2. Music.  Men often enjoy listening to music, some prefer live music. If this is the case with your man, then a simple but effective idea is to bag some concert tickets. If your budget is tight, then forget the Albert Hall. Try local venues as these often have bands that play in a similar style to successful  bands . This can be a good nights entertainment.
  3. Comedy.  Some comedians are risqué and you may want to do a little research before committing to an evening in their company. You might prefer to try a local venue where nights are often held with  several  up and coming comedians. However, if you want to splash the cash and see an established act, then simply check out all major venues in your area.
  4. Clothes.  Buying a date some clothing is not a good idea. It is best to avoid such gifts until you are at least planning a wedding date. There is a loophole in this agreement and that is the humble t. Shirt. As long as it is pertinent to your partner i.e. if he  enjoys music, then a tour shirt is a great gift.  Other ideas could be a smart golfing shirt or if your budget allows maybe a designer t. Shirt ( Paul Smith is a fabulous British brand, for example.)
  5. Spa.  These are no longer female only options and they are proving really popular with men. There are many different budget options and a little bit of research on the internet will lead you to an option that will suit your pocket. Pamper days can include massage therapy, facials and even pedicures. Full use of the facilities is often included in the price so a long soak or steam will usually be thrown into the package. The really good part of this treat is that it may put your date at ease if you shared the experience!
  6. Sport.  Many men watch sport  and indeed, love sport. This is an opportunity to find a really appreciated gift for your date. It is simple. If he loves football then find him match tickets. If he loves cricket then do the same. If your budget does not stretch to a premier match, then create an indoor picnic with his favourite snacks and sit with him to watch his sport on television. He will certainly enjoy sharing his favourite pastime with you and it shows how considerate you are ( even if you cannot stand sport!).


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