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The Psychology of Dating Nerves

The Psychology of Dating Nerves

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Body Language Tips

When embarking on a date it is a great idea to be armed with some body language knowledge. The unspoken communication between too people can reveal all sorts of information about the other person.

The first thing to look out for is not a visual cue but a sensation. It is a great and powerful feeling and when you have experienced this, it is unforgettable. It’s a simple thing called chemistry. When it happens it may feel as though a bolt of lightning has hit you and cast a spell over you. This is often a precursor to an intense, passionate relationship. Scientific theories differ about this but it is agreed that chemicals called pheromones are given off by the individuals involved and they have an amazing effect. If you have ever “fallen in love” then you will know how this delectable reaction feels. So, if you feel a tingle in your bones and chill down your spine, then you might have found someone with the right chemistry.

The eyes are supposed to be the window to the soul and there is a very good reason for this. The eyes can give lots of information away about the person who is speaking to you. For instance, direct eye contact is a powerful signal. It can mean that the person listening to you is listening actively and attentively. The other meaning is that the person speaking to you, who is maintaining eye contact, is lying and knows that a convincing fabrication is often delivered with intense eye contact.

Head nodding can be a confusing signal. Rather than a sign of agreement and cooperation, if the nodding is rather slow, then the person giving the signal could be faking genuine interest. The key to sorting this confusing signal is to check the eye contact too – if they are maintaining good eye contact, then they are genuine.

How about a head tilt? This was a regular gesture made by Princess Diana and it is an indication of vulnerability. By exposing your neck in such a way, there is a great element of trust there. This is a very positive example of body language and one to look out for.

Active listening is a really good indication of the other person finding you interesting. You can always tell that someone is actively listening by the eye contact made. The listener may also nod in agreement at appropriate times and mirror any body language that you are doing.

The world of body language is complicated and tricky but by following these principles, you may just identify someone that ticks all your boxes. Keep your eyes and ears wide open – then you will be armed with some great knowledge to find the one!

Safety Tips for Online Dating

When you meet someone on, there are important safety issues to follow when meeting someone for the first time.

The first issue to think about is how much information should you give to your potential date at the beginning of your relationship?  You should really withhold any personal information until much further down the line. Building trust slowly with any potential dates is important. Even if you feel that you have a connection with someone, slow down and at least meet them before revealing personal details such as your address. With only a small amount of personal information, such as your home phone number, it is easy to access your home address. If you give out your first and last name, then it is even possible to determine where you work. My advice is clear – do not give out your personal details until you have met the person and feel comfortable with them.

Use a reputable dating service like “” in order to increase your security. Some free online dating services do not hold any information about the clients that can be verified. For instance, credit card details are the usual prerequisite where the company then have verified details about the client. Keep your business with professionals.

That first date always holds so many potential promises but do not lose track of your safety. Meet your date in a public place. Persuade a friend to go with you. It is essential that someone knows exactly where you are and when you will return. Meeting for a coffee in the day is a favourite. No alcohol to soften the senses and broad daylight is a really sensible place to start your journey.

Keeping away from those that are married is easier said than done. Look out for the person that only gives you their mobile phone number, who does not post a photograph. They may be very sketchy about their family and their childhood. A married person might prefer to call you from their workplace or at set times when it is safe for them to do so.

After meeting someone for the first time, it is important to assess how the person seemed. For instance, think about the body language used by your date. Was he/she tense? Were they consistent in the content of their conversation?  Did they look like the photos on the website? Use your judgement and if anything feels wrong, keep away.

Internet dating is an everyday phenomenon and has happy endings all the time. By using simple skills and having an awareness of your personal safety, then you might be the next person to find a happy ending.

Romantic Recipes For Those Who Do Not Cook

Some people are naturally gifted in the kitchen and can throw together a virtual feast with very little effort. However, if your idea of cooking involves opening a box and placing in the microwave for two minutes, then look no further. The following ideas are great to use on dates.

An indoor picnic will melt the heart of even the least romantic person. If you live in reliably sunny climates then certainly go the whole hog and have an outdoor picnic. Picnic are fantastic because they require no cooking, very little cleaning up and are very easy to prepare. Try some French bread, a selection of cheese, a bowl of walnuts, some fresh ham , some hard boiled quail eggs and a fruit flan (hop bought but it will look fantastic). Take everything out of its wrapper and use boxes or greaseproof paper instead. If you really are going for it in the romance stakes, a bottle of icy Champagne and two glasses will complete the perfect picnic! Continue reading Romantic Recipes For Those Who Do Not Cook

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Dating(for Women)

Nobody said that love was easy, the entire music industry is based around the notion that love hurts. However, it might be possible to avoid some of the pitfalls that can signify the end of a relationship and make the course of true love run a little smoother.  Having already joined, you have already identified your needs and have taken a big first step.  Read on and improve your chances even further of meeting The One!

Do not appear desperate! Easier said than done if you have found someone who you think ticks all the right boxes.  Men have spoken about the potential disaster if women are waiting by the phone and are ready to agree with every suggestion made by the male. Be a little aloof. Do not automatically agree to all plans. A great response is to say “I will think about it”, giving you time to breathe and letting the date know that you are not a pushover. Continue reading How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Dating(for Women)

Top Romantic Mini-Breaks

new york romantic trip

Let’s look into the future and imagine that your dating life is going very well. By using Christiandating it is quite likely that you have met a rather appealing person and you have some romance in your life. One of the treats that you can look forward to is the mini break! Finding a companion is a chance to widen your horizons and participate in some travelling. The time has come to dust off your passport, grab some cheap flights and head for some spectacular destinations. Continue reading Top Romantic Mini-Breaks

First Date Conversation

Dating is supposed to be a fun, interesting activity. The gamble is that you may find a lifelong partner or you may just enjoy an interesting date. If you have not experienced a date in a long time and you are terrified of the prospect of striking up conversation with someone that you have never met, the follow these guidelines and never have to sit through an awkward silence again.

Continue reading First Date Conversation

What to Wear on a First Date

So, you have made an online connection, chosen the venue and you are now ready for the date. Except you do not have a clue what to wear.  There are a few rules to follow that can help ease those long stares into the back of your wardrobe. Follow these and enjoy your date!

  1. Think comfort. During the date, it is important to be focused on your other half rather than worrying about tripping over your maxi dress or flip flops. If you dress comfortably, then it is a lot easier to remain relaxed and calm.
  2. Don’t try too hard. It could be quite easy to turn up to that restaurant dressed as though you are about to approach the runway at London Fashion Week. Remember, the date was set up as you both had some things in common. Therefore, unless you have bagged a date with a fashion editor, leave the Alexander McQueen’s at home and tone it down.
  3. Big jewellery is a fashionable trend at the moment. Big jangly bracelets, huge chandelier earrings and chunky metal necklaces really are in vogue. The problem comes when your potential boyfriend starts to become a little fed up with the clattering of wood and metal. It can be disconcerting for the most tolerant of people. Continue reading What to Wear on a First Date

Romantic Hints for Men

It has been said that British men are dreadful at the art of romance.  In comparison studies with other European nations, the British men came last in the romance stakes. It seems that they believed that the way to influence a woman’s heart was by buying expensive presents and lingerie.

The European chaps were far more communicative about their emotions and got extra points for declaring their feelings.

The following list will certainly give male members a few ideas and if you are female, why not print a copy and casually leave it lying on the coffee table!


  1. Make her a compilation tape of the music that is special to her.  This could be her favourite hymns or even the music that played during a first date. The key to this being successful is that it must be personal to the person that you are giving the music to. Continue reading Romantic Hints for Men

Fabulous Gifts for Men

Further to our perfect gift for women post, Men like to receive a gift as much as women. A token of your affection can earn you serious brownie points. However, this will only happen if the gift is appropriate and well thought out . Use some of the following ideas and surprise your date with an unforgettable present.

  1. Magazine subscription.  This surely is the gift that keeps on giving as most subscriptions are for a year or six months. Men usually have an interest or hobby.  If you cannot pinpoint their speciality then you could try a magazine such as “G.Q.” as it covers many different topics. If your date has a specialist hobby e.g. scuba diving, then a subscription to a magazine is usually well received.
  2. Music.  Men often enjoy listening to music, some prefer live music. If this is the case with your man, then a simple but effective idea is to bag some concert tickets. If your budget is tight, then forget the Albert Hall. Try local venues as these often have bands that play in a similar style to successful  bands . This can be a good nights entertainment.
  3. Comedy.  Some comedians are risqué and you may want to do a little research before committing to an evening in their company. You might prefer to try a local venue where nights are often held with  several  up and coming comedians. However, if you want to splash the cash and see an established act, then simply check out all major venues in your area. Continue reading Fabulous Gifts for Men