Body Language Tips

When embarking on a date it is a great idea to be armed with some body language knowledge. The unspoken communication between too people can reveal all sorts of information about the other person.

The first thing to look out for is not a visual cue but a sensation. It is a great and powerful feeling and when you have experienced this, it is unforgettable. It’s a simple thing called chemistry. When it happens it may feel as though a bolt of lightning has hit you and cast a spell over you. This is often a precursor to an intense, passionate relationship. Scientific theories differ about this but it is agreed that chemicals called pheromones are given off by the individuals involved and they have an amazing effect. If you have ever “fallen in love” then you will know how this delectable reaction feels. So, if you feel a tingle in your bones and chill down your spine, then you might have found someone with the right chemistry.

The eyes are supposed to be the window to the soul and there is a very good reason for this. The eyes can give lots of information away about the person who is speaking to you. For instance, direct eye contact is a powerful signal. It can mean that the person listening to you is listening actively and attentively. The other meaning is that the person speaking to you, who is maintaining eye contact, is lying and knows that a convincing fabrication is often delivered with intense eye contact.

Head nodding can be a confusing signal. Rather than a sign of agreement and cooperation, if the nodding is rather slow, then the person giving the signal could be faking genuine interest. The key to sorting this confusing signal is to check the eye contact too – if they are maintaining good eye contact, then they are genuine.

How about a head tilt? This was a regular gesture made by Princess Diana and it is an indication of vulnerability. By exposing your neck in such a way, there is a great element of trust there. This is a very positive example of body language and one to look out for.

Active listening is a really good indication of the other person finding you interesting. You can always tell that someone is actively listening by the eye contact made. The listener may also nod in agreement at appropriate times and mirror any body language that you are doing.

The world of body language is complicated and tricky but by following these principles, you may just identify someone that ticks all your boxes. Keep your eyes and ears wide open – then you will be armed with some great knowledge to find the one!